viernes, 8 de octubre de 2010


These brooches speak of something that seems to be but is not, of an illusion, a mirage. They speak above all about the relative value of things.
In Argentina we've lived in an economic roller coaster since I can remember. The ups and downs are our way of living. We went several times from being the cheapest country in the world to being the most expensive one, from wealth to poverty, from extreme optimism to the most dark pessimism...
All those banknotes represented richness at some moment of my country´s history.  Even today, for someone who has not lived the ups and downs which we Argentines have lived, that illusion can be created.
They are like  fake fantasy brooches, another fantasy.
Fake gold from our recent past. 

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Gaspar de Jesus dijo...

Muito bonito e oportuno este tema.
parabéns ELISA.